I like working on creative projects in a variety of mediums, so this section represents some of the things that don’t really fit in elsewhere on this site – as well as processes, sketches and some new endeavors.

Papyrus Sketches & Development

Peaceable Kingdom's Wearer of Many Hats

When I worked for Peaceable Kingdom I occasionally got unusual assignments, like making a doll prototype, or life-size versions of games to be played at their Toy Fair booth. I loved finding ways to create all the elements so they would not just look cool but be fully functional. Along with cutting and engineering huge foam core boards, I used methods like sewing, embroidery, papier mache, or creating plastic parts on my laser cutter to replicate all of the game pieces.

Amateur Radio Designs

Sewing Projects

Sketches & Studies

Art Elements from my first website

Laser Cut Wood Art

“Experience does not err, it is only your judgement that errs in promising
itself results which are not caused by your own experiments”
– Leonardo Da Vinci

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